Nortel Meridian Telphone System Notes -

Logging on to your Meridian System using rlogon

You may have a MAT client program that gives you a terminal but if you're not using Windows (or even if you are but don't like, or don't have, the MAT Terminal), you can connect to the Meridian telephone system using rlogin. I have used the rlogin client in Cygwin, but I prefer to use Putty for this job.

The rlogin details are:

$USER can be anything (most clients will take the local user name by default), but $SERVER must be the user name that you will use to log onto the Meridian system.

$SERVER is made up of "CSPID" followed by four zeros or ones, each of which corresponds to a message type that will be displayed on the terminal being switched on (1) or off(0).

"CPSID1110" will show SCH, MTC and BUG messages during the session, but no TRF messages. You can see which are enabled when you log in as they are displayed at the start of the session along with the TTY number and current time.

Once you have established a console session you can login and out using LOGI and LOGO respectively.
It should go without saying that you WILL need to know the username (i.e. CUSTOMER / ADMIN2) and corresponding password to login to your Meridian system.

Getting Hints/Help

You can enter ? at any prompt to see a list of possible responses.

Typing Mistakes

You will notice pretty quickly that the Backspace and Delete keys do not remove characters from the Meridian console. If you make a typing mistake, you can use one of a series of asterisks to restart the input and correct it.

Finding Information Based on Either a DN or TN

Before you update anything in your Meridian system, you'll probably need to check the current configuration. You can view the current configuration of a telephone by looking at either it's DN or TN information using LD 20.

You can view more than one DN at a time by using commas to separate the DNs at the DN prompt. i.e. 1234,5678

LD 20
REQ: PRT  - Print
TYPE: DNB  - Directory NumBer
DN   1234
DN   1234 
The full details of the directory number will follow here.	
LD 20
REQ: PRT  - Print
TYPE: TNB  - Terminal NumBer
TN   15 15
DES  M3110 
TN   005 0 00 14
The full details of the terminal number will follow here.

Finding a Spare TN

You can use LUU or LUVU to find a spare TN. LUU will list all spare TNs on your system whereas LUVU will only list the TNs that can be used for voice, not data. They operate in the same way.

LD 20
REQ: LUVU  - Use LUVU for Voice TNs only or LUU for all TNs
TYPE: 2000	
TYPE 2000 TN   004 0 00 10  8D  VCE
The full list of available terminal numbers will follow here.

Moving a DN to another TN

You can move a DN and it's associated configuration to another TN using LD 10/11 the MOV command.

LD 11  - LD 11 is used for digital sets, LD 10 for analogue

MEM AVAIL: (U/P): 2452867    USED U P: 535742 58814    TOT: 3047423 
Details of your system will be listed here.

TYPE:  - Handset Model Identifier (i.e. 2616)
TN  - Terminal Number from (i.e. 6 13) 
TOTN  - Terminal Number to (i.e. 15 15)

SCH5524 DN  2220 NEW MARP   005 0 00 08 
MEM AVAIL: (U/P): 2452867    USED U P: 535742 58814    TOT: 3047423 
Details of your system will be listed here.


This command is very useful for swapping phones around on the system provided that you have a spare TN to use. For example; to swap extension numbers 1234 (TN 1 2) and 5678 (TN 3 4) around, you can just move the first onto a spare DN, the second to the first TN and finally move the first from the spare TN over to the second.

So, assuming 15 15 is your spare TN:

Changing Display Names (CPND - Call Party Name Display)

To change the CPND Use LD 95.

LD 95

REQ: CHG  - Change
DN  - Directory Number
 NAME FirstName,LastName - the comma separates the First and Last Name values.


Disabling Digital TNs

To disable a TN use LD 20 or LD 32.

LD 20

REQ: DISU Terminal Number (i.e. 6 13)

Re-enabling Handset TNs

If a digital handset is unplugged from the system for any length of time, the TN may be automatically disabled. To re-enable the TN and bring the handset back to life use LD 20 or LD 32.

LD 20

REQ: ENLU Terminal Number (i.e. 6 13)

Depending on your permissions, you may not be able to use ENLU. In this case, to re-enable the TN, you can use LD 11. You don't need to make any actual changes, this will be enough to re-enable the port.

LD 11

REQ: CHG  - Change 
TYPE:  - Handset Model Identifier (i.e. 2616)
TN Terminal Number (i.e. 6 13)
ECHG YES  - Use the "Easy Change Method"

Edit System Speed Call Lists

This will show all System Speed Call Lists that are available on your system.

LD 20
TYPE SCL  - Press return to print all the available lists

As an example, to edit List number 0010...

LD 18
MEM AVAIL: (U/P) : ****

REQ CHG  - Change
LSNO 0010  - Speed Call List Number
WRT  (ADDS: MEM: 0 DISK: 0.0)
STOR SSC_Number Telephone_Number_(Inc. 9 for a line if required)


View and Set the System Date & Time

To view the date and time (Note the LD 2 gives a . prompt. This is OK!)

LD 2

To set the date and time

LD 2

Enable Meridian Cabinets

LD 32 followed by ENLS x (where x is the number of your Meridian Cabinet) should be used to enable a cabinet.

Non-responsive Switchboard Console.

If your Meridian system's switchboard console becomes unresponsive - i.e. it get stuck on night-service or you cannot get it to respond to any key presses - try unplugging the handset at the left side of the console. After a couple of seconds, plug the handset back in and you should regain control of your console!


Overlay Programs

Administration tasks on Nortel Meridian System using a console are performed using Overlay Programs. Each Overlay program performs a specific task and is called using LD. The table shown below gives a brief overview of Overlay Programs and their uses.

Overlay Program Overlay Function
LD 10 Basic Administration of Analogue Handsets.
LD 11 Basic Administration of Digital Handsets.
LD 12 Assign Features to Console Keys.
LD 95 Display Name Administration.

Handset Model & Set Indentifier Codes

Telephone Handset Model Identifier Set Identifier
Analogue Telephone 500
M2250 Attendant Console 2550
M2006 Feature Phone 2006 M2006
M2008 Feature Phone 2008 M2008
M2616 Feature Phone 2616 M2616
M3110 Orion Telset 2616 M3110
M3310 Orion Telset 2616 M3310

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