Tomb Raider Level Editor.

A few years ago, in November 2000 to be exact, Core Design released the original Tomb Raider Level Editor (TRLE) with the PC version of Tomb Raider Chronicles. A large number of people designed and published their own levels and an expansive on-line community flourished. Although I didn't really get into playing other people's levels at the time, I did spend some time - way too much time as it happens - using the Level Editor to find out how the games were put together. Time spent learning how to build the TRLE 'Training Level', led to time spent modifying the training level and then progressed to time spent creating my own level. Eventually I split my level into two parts, 'The Tomb of Thutmose' and 'Escape from the Tomb'.

The Tomb of Thutmose.

Realistic Water Levels
Visibly Solvable Puzzles
Minimal 'Instant Death' Scenarios
Based on a modified Tut1 texture map created using ...
Based on a modified Tut1 object selection created using ...

Escape from the Tomb.

'The Tomb of Thutmose' was originally planned as a one-off, stand-alone level. The design of the second part of the level went through two key ideas. The first incarnation had a towering room leading down several stages to the final room where The Amulet of Horus is retrieved. The TRLE 'flip-map' concept was then used to trigger an earth-quake which collapsed the various rooms and created new obstacles to overcome. However, I wasn't ever satisfied with that concept; it just didn't seem to be a new enough challenge because you - the player - had already been through each of the rooms already. Also, the ending just didn't seem to fit. Without a cut-scene to finish the level it just seemed a little 'flat'.

After I'd tried a few ideas and had them all fall flat, I finally came up with a finish in which Lara could, after one last battle, hop on a bike and ride off in to the sunset from the point where the level had begun. I added the ending, tested the cameras and liked what I done. Only one problem; for some reason I couldn't get the bike to work with a flip-map...

So in the end, 'Escape from the Tomb' came to be for one reason. I couldn't make the ending that I wanted using the motorcycle. I copied and extended the first level adding additional rooms that you can only see in part one but get to go through in part two. The version posted here has been cut in length because I didn't ever complete the second level. There are underwater tunnels, an outside area and a secret chamber puzzle that have been cut but, I have those maps saved so, if I get enough interest, I'll definitely back to the editor and create a 'Directors Cut'.

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